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The health, safety and well-being of our athletes is our highest priority. The Protect Our Pointers (POP) committee of the Pointer Association raise the funds to staff a comprehensive Athletic Training Department. Our Head ATC, Ryan Nokes is on duty everyday for a minimum of 3 hours daily to assess, treat, and rehab any and all PLHS Student Athlete who needs attention. Ryan, Associate ATC Emily Bentow, and interns from PLNU offer specialized care with an emphasis on preventing injuries that are avoidable, effectively treat those that aren't, and keeping athletes on the field.

  • PLHS has over 56 athletic teams and over 1000 athletes 
  • There is no charge to visit the clinic and be treated by a Certified ATC
  • PLHS Student Athletes have visited the Athletic Training Department XXXX this school year so far, and it's only November
If every family of every athlete donated just $20 to POP, we would raise $20,000+.

This money would fund our program and keep our Athletic Trainers available to each and every athlete everyday. It would also go towards repairing and/or replacing the aging equipment in the clinic.

New this year:  The SDUSD is helping to fund every school within the district to have an ATC on site. These funds are definitely welcomed and appreciated but they also fall short of what is actually needed to fund a good ATC program. 

Somethings to consider...
  • POP does not charge a co-pay to come to the clinic. Your family physician or physical therapist probably does. 
  • POP is located on campus for a minimum of three hours every school day. This convenience may have saved you time from work and/or family.
Our ATCs are saving our athletes' families time and money every time an athlete walks through their door. 

Please take a moment and donate. Our Student Athletes deserve the absolute best!!

On behalf of the Student Athletes at Point Loma High School, we thank you!!!
Go Pointers!

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  • Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) Daily Clinic

    Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) Daily Clinic


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